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The Resumes are a service to the ASQ Hamilton Section membership. They will only add value if we ensure that we have current information available.

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Employers: looking for a new addition to your quality team ? Contact members of this section below :

Sabaree Thangavel - ( a McMaster student seeking a co-op term working on a Quality related project - see Resume
A student member in ASQ Hamilton section, interested in undertaking a project in a Quality domain. Has done his green belt certification in India and is really interested to learn and work on the next level of exposure (Black Belt) in Industrial quality. He has already done coursework on Black Belt, but could not find any projects coming up related to quality in Wbooth School. He is currently working on a project with Edson Packaging on ecommerce automated packing till April 2018. He has a optional Co-op term coming up in the next year from May 2018 - August 2018, and would like a project on quality in the upcoming co-op term. It would be a great exposure to learn and explore in the manufacturing quality systems in Canada. If provided with an opportunity, he will endeavour to work with fullest potential in satisfying the needs of the manufacturing company
Jerry Singh - I am a ASQ member and looking for career progression. I have diverse background in quality engineering working in ISO environment with suppliers and customers of metal fabrication and machining. I have gained experience in quality audits, inspection plans and creating documentation of quality policy and procedures. I have worked with global cross-functional teams in Asia and North America. See Resume

Cheryl Perdomo - Master’s student at McMaster University studying Engineering Design. International student from Venezuela with Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Industrial Engineering. Seven years of successful professional experience in transnational corporations of mass consumption, I have well-developed organizational skills, knowledge regarding of KPI development, implementation and reporting, strong analytical skills, solid management abilities and strong continuous improvements knowledge by developing complex solving problem projects (Using A3, Toyota Method) and being part of the Lean Manufacturing team. Recent project was implementing ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 in Henkel Chile (, in which I had to articulate extended teams across the company thanks to my interdepartmental relationship building and highly collaborative team player skills. Furthermore, in Nestle, I Developed the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Study for the confectionary division.

Now, I have the opportunity to take a COOP term (Summer 2019), and I am seeking to implement process optimization projects and reach savings for the company and use the new skills I have developed during the Master.

I will get my Master degree in December 2019 and available for the next challenge in your company in 2020. See Resume

Are you an ASQ member pursuing a career change in Quality Assurance? Send us your resume (MS Word preferred) and we will post it on this page.

Updated:  February 08, 2019