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Last update Jan. 21, 2018
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Section 1302 is offering a CQE primer class in an online format - see flyer. Class dates:
Feb. 05 Apr. 02, 2018
Reg. Ends Jan 28.

Section 1302 is offering a CQE primer class in an online format. You are being invited to register if interested or need to take the CQE certification exam. Registration for class ends January 28th. Class starts on February 5.


General: Please contact myself (Jena Shafai Asgarpoor - jshafai@unl.edu)

Course-specific: Please contact course instructor (Rludrick8888@gmail.com)

Website problems: Please contact section secretary (Becky.Nickel@molex.com)

Payment (PayPal) issues: Please contact section treasurer (jlbush916@gmail.com)

ASQ Hamilton / McMaster BTech
Student Quality Showcase Event
Nov. 08, 2017

McMaster BTech Students presented Design of Experiments on:

  1. Analyzing Factors that Affect Distance Traveled in Paper Airplanes - Ajith Josephs, Harneet Riat (Jeyaram Naganathan, Abbas Zaidi)
    Runner up
  2. Factors Affecting Jogging Speed - Matt Hamming, Nathan Cawte (Cole Kirschner)
  3. Tensile Strength of 3D Printed Materials - Tyler Carrol, Alex Kuan (Ryan Chan)
    Runner up
  4. Highest Bounce - Adam Kujawinski, Sangit Patel, (Everett Sun)
  5. Human Reaction Time - Simran Nijjar, Justin Grimm, Amy Hasselman, (Sa many Riyaz)
Photos can be viewed on facebook at can be viewed on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/684549624889699/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1772308239447160
The McMaster B.Tech presentations were judged by members of the Hamilton Section with awards of $500 for the winner and $100 for the runners up.

The event was coordinated by Allan MacKenzie, Tom Sutton, Karen Lawrence and the B.Tech faculty.

ASQ Prize Winner at Brock University for the academic year 2016-17

Congratulations to this year's winner at Brock University of the $500 prize funded by our ASQ branch is Kristen Castator. She performed impressively well throughout the semester and ended up with the highest mark in Dr. Michael Armstrong's course by a large margin.

38 undergraduate business students successfully completed the undergraduate quality management course (OPER 3P93) in fall 2016. Another 20 graduate business students completed the equivalent MBA course (MBAB 5P72). Half a dozen students have so far talked with MJ Armstrong, PhD - Associate Professor about writing the CQPA certification exam in 2017.