To the surprise of many, the formation of the Hamilton Section of ASQ (The American Society for Quality) goes back all the way to the year 1955. While going through the archives of the section, I came across the "Program of Meetings for 1956-1957" which made specific references to the above. There are a number of observations that one can make out from those early days :

  • The Executive members (volunteers) were from major heavy industries that were not necessarily auto-related.
  • Meetings were held at one of the Executive's Company (Westinghouse facility) which could mean that it received excellent corporate support.
  • Many speakers were from the academy community and the hot topics were of those that we have taken for granted today even though they were at their developmental infancy during that time.
  • Finally, it was a bargain to join ASQC (the American Society for Quality Control) for $10 and an extra $4 to join the section. (Look at what inflation has done to us!)

Over the years, the section has gone through many cycles of development and rebirths. Today, we are close to 400 core members with many of them certified by the society. The section has established very close ties with Mohawk College in Hamilton and their very successful Quality Programs over the last two decades. We are looking forward to continue to serve our members with the dedications and diligence they have come to expect.

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