Introductory Statistics Training on the ASQ Statistics Division YouTube Channel

A playlist of introductory videos on hypothesis testing and sample size calculations has been created for the division YouTube channel. Click here to view! 

The collection is based on previously developed narrated slide shows that were converted to video format.  Topics include one and two-sample t-tests as well as tests for proportions.  The playlist could be very helpful to those preparing for the CQE exam.


For info on exam dates, costs, re-certification click on "CERTIFICATION INFO."

Local Education Programs

Local colleges and universities provide various full and continuing education programs related to quality. Some of the institutions and programs offered are listed below:

Mohawk College


Working in conjunction with the Hamilton Section of ASQ, Mohawk college offers two certificate programs through the Continuing Education Department. These programs are Quality Assurance Certificates Level 1 and Level 2.They are designed for people currently employed in the Quality Field in business and industry and also for people wishing to gain knowledge in this area of technology. The other purpose for these programs is to support people in their quest to write the various certification examinations held by the ASQ. 

The Continuing Education Catalogue can be viewed at on the College web site at For further information contact Continuing Education Contacts at the college.

Course of the Month

Lean Six Sigma - feature course. With Lean Six Sigma’s proven results, an organization will have the capabilities to streamline processes, create value for customers and generate returns for your business. Courses can take place at our location within Mohawk College’s Stoney Creek campus or at any location of your choice. To learn more about this program, please visit our website

McMaster University

McMaster offers "Lean Six Sigma" training through their continuing education program at
Phone 905-525-9140 ext 24321


Conestoga College

Conestoga offers "Process Quality Engineering (Graduate Certificate)." Additional information at

A "Quality Assurance" certificate can be obtained through their Part Time Quality Assurance Continuing Education Program & Courses at


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