PLACE : The Plainsman Restaurant                     TIME: 6:00 P.M. - Cocktails
                Highway 5                                                            7:00 P.M. - Dinner
                Dundas, Ontario                                                  8:00 P.M. - Presentation

Note :
The Plainsman Restaurant on Hwy5, 2 miles West of Highway 6 in Dundas, Ontario has been arranged as the permanent dinner meeting location of the Sec 0400 for the 2000 / 2001 session. Charge for the dinner and the presentation is currently $20.00, with a cash bar.

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In addition to sectional information, calendar, newsletters, archives, and mail contact with your executives, a forum is available for concerns, feedback, and discussions with all members on the web. If you do not have Internet services at home, a number of free internet service links may be utilized from our site.

The March membership meeting will present JOHN GAYFORD from Ford Motor Company of Canada, Oakville Assembly Plant. The topic of presentation is ISO 14001.

To demonstrate to its customers, shareholders, suppliers and workers that the environmental matters are managed responsibly, Ford Motor Company management required its 140 manufacturing plants worldwide to become certified to the ISO-14001 Environmental Management System (EMS).

Ford of Canada Oakville Assembly Plant (OAP) completed ISO-14001 certification in 1996 and this initiative is providing OAP with tangible benefits. The ISO-14001 EMS does require a demanding continuous effort by both the implementers and all other employees.

John Gayford will share his experience to implement ISO-14001 EMS at OAP. He expects that his experience may assist our members in the effort to implement ISO-14001 at their facilities.

JOHN GUYFORD has been the Environmental Coordinator for the Oakville Assembly plant for 15 years. A Mechanical Engineer, originally from Melbourne, Australia, his work experience includes mining and construction, gray iron foundry and presently environment.

Please notify Victor Dobrin at (905) 525-0147 of your attendance
                 By 12:00 P.M. on Tuesday March 06, 2001

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Sec 0400

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