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                                                                            NOTICE OF GENERAL MEETING



                                                            DATE :  Oct 13,  1999


PLACE : The Plainsman Restaurant                        TIME: 6:00 PM - Cocktails

                 Highway 5                                                  7:00 PM - Dinner

                 Dundas, Ontario                                        8:00 PM - Presentation


Note :  The Plainsman Restaurant on Hwy5, 2 miles West of Highway 6 in Dundas, Ontario has been arranged as the permanent dinner meeting location of the Sec 0400  for the 1999 / 2000 session. Charge for the dinner and the presentation is currently $20.00, with a cash bar.


Due to circumstances beyond our control, the annual activity Flyer cannot be made available with this mailing and will be mailed separately as soon as they are ready.


The October membership meeting will present Daniel Rethazy (Continuous Improvement Co-ordinator, Arvin Ride Control Products) speaking on ATQPS  (Arvin Total Quality Production System).


The presentation will highlight the fourteen (14) ATQPS strategies with their ultimate goals to achieve Total customer satisfaction. Some of these strategies are listed as follows:

1)The process is key in determining cost or Quality. 2) Quality and Productivity will not decline with changing mix. 3) Visual control is the lowest cost and most effective method of controlling resources. 4) Most improvements can be made quickly without large capital expenditures. 5) Asset capability is a pre-requisite to a lean manufacturing system. 6) Empowerment of work teams is key to success. 7) Running every part every day is the goal. 8) A lot size of 1 is achievable. 9) Training all people is mandatory. 10) Slower speeds improve quality and cost. 11) It is important to manage labour utilization than machine utilization.


Daniel will give an overview of the tools and techniques of ATQPS. He will also give many examples of the success that Arvin has had with this system.


Please notify one of the following executive members of your attendance by 12:00 PM on Friday,  Oct 8, 1999.

                             Bob Anderson               (905) 575-1212    ext 3092

                             Hank Verspagen           (905) 575-1212      ext 3091



Bob Mok, CQA., CQE            ( For those who would like this in E-Mail in future, please write

Section Secretary, Sec 0400         to me at


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