DATE : Nov 15, 2000

PLACE : The Plainsman Restaurant            TIME: 6:00 PM- Cocktails
Highway 5                                                   7:00 PM - Dinner
                Dundas, Ontario                                          8:00 PM - Presentation

Note : The Plainsman Restaurant on Hwy5, 2 miles West of Highway 6 in Dundas, 
Ontario has been arranged as the permanent dinner meeting location of the Sec 0400 for the 2000 / 2001 session. Charge for the dinner and the presentation is currently $20.00, with a cash bar.

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The November membership meeting will present NEIL MASTERMAN from STELCO Inc. The topic of presentation is MISTAKE PROOFING and will include;

a.-Overview of the theory and application of mistake proofing.

b.-Differences between error proofing and mistake proofing.

c.-Describe a formal approach to mistake proofing.

d.-Discuss how mistake proofing ties into QS-9000and APQP.

NEIL MASTERMAN has a Bachelor Degree from McMaster University on Ceramic/Material Engineering. NEILís work history includes:

-Seven years as Research Engineer at DOFASCO, developing galvanneal coating for sheet steel.

-Five years as a consultant and trainer in the field of heat treating and quality system implementation.

-Currently NEIL works at STELCO Inc. in the Pipe and Tube Division, responsible for quality assurance and development. STELPIPE has recently achieve the QS-9000 accreditation.

-Teaching continuing education at McMaster University in Metallurgy Certificate Program.

Please notify one of the following executive members of your attendance by 12:00 PM on Monday, Nov 13, 2000.

Bob Anderson (905) 575-1212 ext 3092
Hank Verspagen
(905) 575-1212 ext 3091

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Section Assistant Secretary,

Sec 0400