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                                                                            NOTICE OF GENERAL MEETING



                                                            DATE :  Jan 18,  2000


PLACE : The Plainsman Restaurant                        TIME: 6:00 PM - Cocktails

                 Highway 5                                                  7:00 PM - Dinner

                 Dundas, Ontario                                        8:00 PM - Presentation


Note :  The Plainsman Restaurant on Hwy5, 2 miles West of Highway 6 in Dundas, Ontario has been arranged as the permanent dinner meeting location of the Sec 0400  for the 1999 / 2000 session. Charge for the dinner and the presentation is currently $20.00, with a cash bar.


The January membership meeting will present Peter Merrill - Author of the book “Do It Right the Second Time” and President  of  Strider International, a nation-wide management consultancy organization specializing in Quality Management and ISO 9000 Implementation. Peter's topic will be : ISO 9000 - LIFE BEYOND REGISTRATION, a paper presented by himself at the 1997 Quality Congress in Orlando, Florida.


Processes and systems defined during ISO 9000 registration must be developed after registration. The paper shows how five different organizations progressed beyond ISO 9000 registration with improvements in their business systems and business processes. The linkage between Internal Audit, Corrective Action and Management Review is shown to be fundamental in driving this improvement. The paper shows the improvements which these companies' Management Review. These improvements have in turn led to further improvements in business processes such as the sales order process and purchasing, and there has been an overall move to greater "Management by Fact" after registration. All companies shown an improvement in communication and teamwork as people work together and improve business processes and several have paid special attention to these people issues. ISO 9000 is shown to be a foundation for continuous improvement.


Please notify one of the following executive members of your attendance by 12:00 PM on Thursday,  Jan 13, 1999.

                             Bob Anderson               (905) 575-1212    ext 3092

                             Hank Verspagen           (905) 575-1212      ext 3091


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