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DATE : Sept 16, 2003

PLACE : The Plainsman Restaurant                     TIME: 6:00 PM - Cocktails
Highway 5                                                                                7:00 PM - Dinner
Dundas, Ontario                                                                     8:00 PM - Presentation

Note : The Plainsman Restaurant on Hwy5, 3 Km west of Highway 6 in Dundas, Ontario has been arranged as the permanent dinner meeting location of the Sec 0400 for the 2003 / 2004 session. There is no charge for the presentation. Charge for the Buffet Dinner is $25.00.

The September membership meeting will present Martin A. Willem. Martin will be speaking on an Overview of the ISO/TS 16949: 2002 Standard.

Specifically, this presentation will touch on the following areas:

The information presented will be valuable for those attendees of the ASQ meeting who are currently involved as quality professionals in the automotive industry. The goal is to provide a basic understanding of the standard, the expectations of the stakeholders, the present state of the registration business in the automotive industry, and some insight to applying the process approach quality management systems.

The question and answer period will serve as a forum to expand on points of interest in the presentation, and perhaps provide some clarifications to common misconceptions about this standard and its application. The information presented will be timely for those organizations facing automotive OEM mandates for 3rd party registration by July 2004.

Mr. Willem is currently Product Manager, Quality for QMI (Quality Management Institute) A DIVISION OF CSA GROUP. Martin is an Industrial Engineering Technologist-Management graduate from Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology with 12 years experience as a quality professional.

Martin has worked in a variety of industries over the course of his career in a number of capacities, including Quality Inspector / Technician, Quality Engineer, Internal Auditor, and Quality Assurance Manager. Martin has a great deal of experience in aerospace, automotive, healthcare and electronics industries with metal fabrication, metal stamping, metal forming, machining, rubber and plastic injection moulding, transfer moulding and hand fabrication.

Since 1998 Martin has been employed by QMI as lead auditor, predominantly in the automotive and aerospace sectors. He maintains certifications to perform 3rd party audits to the following QMS standards: ISO 9001, QS-9000, Tooling and Equipment (TE) Supplement, ISO/TS 16949, AS 9000 and AS 9100.

Over the past 5 years Mr. Willem has conducted numerous 3rd party audits of clients, both registration and surveillance. While most audits have been conducted in North America, he has also conducted audits in Europe, Asia and Australia. Martin has played an active role in the development of QMIs internal programs for new or revised automotive standards at QMI and has been witnessed by the accreditation bodies to assist in receiving and/or maintaining QMIs accreditations.

Please notify one of the following executive members of your attendance by 12:00 PM on Friday, Sept 12, 2003.

Bob Anderson (905) 575-2375 ext 3092 OR Hank Verspagen
ext 3091

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  1. The recipients of the Hamilton Section A.S.Q. Awards ($500.00 each) this year are:

Bryan Paris - Bryan is a 4th semester Industrial Engineering Technician at Mohawk College. He works hard, helps others in the class and has good grades in the courses relating to the field of Quality assurance.

Timothy Stendzis - Tim is a 5th semester Industrial Engineering -
Management Technologist at Mohawk College. Tim has good grades in the courses related to Quality Assurance and Industrial Engineering. He is also a help to other students in his class.

2)The Section would also like to recognize the achievements of some of its members listed below for their successful attainment of ASQ designations during 2003:

CQIA (Certified Quality Improvement Associate -

Mr. William Ceelan and Mr. Kelly Saunders


Bob Mok, CQA., CQE

Section Secretary, Sec 0400

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